Unpacking the Layers: Intersectionality’s Impact on Mental Health

Unpacking the Layers

Our identities are multifaceted, and so are our mental health experiences. This infographic explores the concept of intersectionality and its impact on mental health. We’ll unpack the layers of identity – race, gender, sexual orientation, and more – and examine how they can create unique vulnerabilities and strengths.  Discover how understanding these intersections allows us to create more effective mental health resources and support systems that cater to diverse needs.

Infographic provided by Elevate Counseling, providers of telehealth therapy

How Internal Branding Can Better Employee Engagement

How Internal Branding Can Better Employee Engagement

Experts have discovered that a shocking 85% of professionals are not engaged in their workplace. There can be several reasons why companies see a decline in employee engagement such as boredom, insufficient communication or a lack of incentives. What can a business do to better their employee’s experience? Well, it can start with the company’s internal branding. Check out the infographic below for an in-depth view on how good branding can help you out.  

Infographic provided by fazer, a branding agency

Why Are Women Experiencing Higher Burnout Rates?

Why Are Women Experiencing Higher Burnout Rates?

Regardless of job type or gender, work-related burnout can affect anyone. However, recent studies have shown a disproportionate increase in working women in the past years. More than a third of female professionals even reported burnout as a routine part of their career. What is the causing this uneven rate of employee burnouts? How do we address this? For more information on this and more, check out the following resource below.

Infographic provided by Workplace Options, experts on corporate wellness solutions

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