The Impact of Global Supply Chain Shortages on Manufacturing and How to Mitigate It

Supply Chain Shortages

Manufacturers nationwide continue to grapple with a challenging supply chain environment, leading to disruptions in their operations. Some businesses face throttling, intensifying manufacturing difficulties, primarily stemming from supply chain issues.

While various factors contribute to these challenges, manufacturers often feel powerless in improving their supply chain operations. Despite the hurdles, there are ways to enhance operations amidst supply chain challenges.

A major complication faced by manufacturers is the lack of supply chain visibility. Without a clear and comprehensive map of the supply chain, resilience in operations becomes uncertain. Establishing a detailed overview of the supply chain helps identify potential disruption risks and enables the development of backup plans to minimize long-term delays.

Similarly, embracing new technologies plays a crucial role in mitigating such risks and enhancing visibility. While maintaining existing technologies is important, adjusting any warehouse to improve its efficiency, such as through new crane installation, might be just what a business needs.

Another essential aspect is fostering a network to meet manufacturing needs. Building enduring relationships with suppliers allows manufacturers to anticipate their capabilities or limitations in meeting requirements and remain proactive. Strong relationships facilitate clear communication lines, a vital component for manufacturing companies navigating today’s challenging climate.

In the current landscape, it is imperative for manufacturing companies to consistently address the unique needs of their organizations.

For more insights on how to navigate these challenges, refer to the accompanying infographic supporting this post.

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing, an infographic contributed by American Equipment

Author Bio: Annette Harris has been with American Equipment for 23 years and in the industry for over 40. Her roles include Service Manager, Outside Service Sales and — most currently — Head of Sales Operations for American Equipment. She has a passion for service in the industry and loves to discover customers’ needs and find a solution for them.